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Registration IT Forum
« on: November 10, 2018, 12:06:35 PM »
Hi to all of you ;D,

I'm from Germany ridin a '85 IT 200, '85 TY250, '92 TT600 and several XT 500

I opened this thread because I can't get a registration at the IT Forum, I tried it very often for a long time now

The problem is the verification question " What was the last Yamaha IT model to be produced?".

If you read the history of the IT on the page :

 "In 1986 the only model to be produced was the IT200S, which received a disk brake upgraded front end, at least they made the last model a good one!

By early 1987 production of the Yamaha IT line was history."

so I typed in "IT200S", but it doesn't work. i tried it with "IT 200 S" and  several variations, but its not correctly. (I tried also IT200N)

So what is the correct answer to this question????

thank you in advance